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Rejoice in each moment

It is a time to embrace your true being and to rejoice in the wonder that surrounds you. Many that are seeking the transformation still remain sealed in their own doubts. Break free of these bonds of doubt and find your heart bathed in the glory that it was created to share. Recognize the resistance that you still mount and become one with it. Seek the answer within for the peace to be made with yourselves and then relinquish the fear that holds you back.

Your time to connect with one another is here now and should be sought in every moment. Do not fear what others will inject upon you but rather be free with your love and compassion. Find the mirror of perspective to fully embrace their path’s view and remain open for their arrival to this place. It is not a battle to be won or a resistance that must be mounted but rather an acceptance that the choice is before each one of us. Know also, we will all choose according to the path that best serves our needs and the level of awareness we are willing to embrace.

Keep reaching out and shining the light. Do not fret those that will not listen or open their eyes to the new dawn, the sun will still rise, of that you can be sure. Keep basking in the glory and embracing each new heart that opens to the light within.

The pressures of the mind may be mounting but seek the movements that promote peace of the physical state and the energizing force of life’s wind as it enters your vessel to share this gift. Be joyous now and see that every moment is worthy of celebration. Seek this recognition and be grateful in all that is available to you.