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Affirmations for a New Reality

1.) My reality is a vision of creating a life worth celebrating each and every moment.

2.) I create the space to help others to create the vision of a life worth celebrating each and every moment.

3.) I am thankful for the miracle of breath in each day.

4.) I rejoice and celebrate in the simple acts of kindness.

5.) I thrive and I am powerful in my life.

6.) Reality is truly only what I make of it.

7.) I am an artist that has been given a blank canvas called life, and my canvas is an evolving mosaic of joy and wonder.

8.) I strive to make a difference and bring joy to all that I do.

9.) I am destined to be the co-creator of the masterpiece of my life.

10.) I seek within that which I desire to find without.

11.) All flows freely to my awareness in accordance with my ability and desire to allow it.

12.) I am unfolding spiritually and I reach out with an open mind and heart.