If we can learn to recognize these patterns and embrace them, we can then change our thinking about them and begin to break the chain. Start with your physical routines if the thoughts are too erratic. Change your movements, your breathing and even the order of things you do. This will stimulate peace of mind and balance again; then watch the world change around you.


It holds the key to all joy and happiness if you will truly be in it and not fret the false memories of the past or fear the illusion of unknown futures. Allow yourself to be immersed in this moment, fully connect with every aspect and with every sense, and there you will find yourself surrounded by the peace and love of all creation.

This is the point of learning; to humbly release the idea that you are an individual and embrace your place as one of the many pieces that make up the whole of existence. When you can see this and release all efforts to control the details of life and just start living it from this place of recognition, then peace will be found and love will be its guide.

I was taught a simple practice that has paid huge dividends. I reflect on the day giving thanks for all the wonder and love that was shared and to see what I did to make the world just a little better. Then I ask what I might strive to improve on tomorrow and for guidance in my dreams to any challenges I foresee. This makes for peaceful nights and love filled days.

Learn to recognize the heart’s message. It is not one that is loud or forceful; those are the creations of the mind seeking attention. The heart’s message is gentle, sometimes urging but never forced? It is like the constant flow of the stream, always gently whispering to you the true guidance that you seek.

If you are disconnected from others, then life may always seem to be a challenge…a fight for your rightful place…a struggle to succeed. But when you renew the bond we all share, the wonders of life are truly revealed. Synergistic connection are made and the power of one becomes the miracle of many. Will you face the challenge or embrace the wonder of love?

If we calm our mind and attune it to the vibration of love from the heart, an inner balance is reached. This is the place of divine creation we have all been gifted, and it only comes from making peace with oneself. When you find it, you will discover that all things can be handled with grace and ease allowing this message of love to shine forth from the heart.