To realize we are the creators of our own destiny is a powerful step in our conscious awareness. Many will try to argue this point and convince you this is not the case; that you are traveling down a road of self-delusion. However, hold this truth in your heart and know this, more people are coming back to this realization every day. This line of thought was once known more widely and accepted in homes and communities, but at some point the belief in our separation took hold, and we lost our way. We forgot our birth right; our inner power to call forth from the ethers that which manifests all of creation.

We are now at a point in our journey when it is time to remember; time to awaken to the realization of our true nature. Each one of us was made in the likeness of god, each one of us beings is an individualized expression of the whole from which we came. Embrace this truth and allow the rebirth of your true being to take place. The alignment of your being with the belief of your connection with all of creation is the moment that is now dawning.

Reach out with your heart and know you are a child of god and in so being you are god yourself.


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