Grab hold of your gifts.

Find it within your heart now to make that final release. It is not one of loss, but the last step toward the freedom of your soul from the bonds of illusion. You all are divinely gifted to call forth now the power of Love and Harmony.

Do not hold on to the fears of old or the doubts of others, but rather embrace the new. It is the simple act of opening to possibilities, and your imagination is the key. It requires only a Loving heart as it guide. For too long the fears of the ego’s insecurity and persistence to hold in place the illusion of separation has created the mind’s images of despair. It is now time to free the force of your creative joy; the ability to bring forth heaven here and now.

Grab hold of these gifts and stop searching for grander ways. The answer is truly in the simplicity of sharing from the heart and the willingness to let go of old beliefs and thinking; reaching out for happiness knowing it is only as far away as you choose to hold it.

Take this with you as you journey forth and share it through your smile, your words, and your devotion to Loving yourself first and allowing it to flow from your hearts to all creation.



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