Cherish this moment.

This moment is one to cherish, for it is the only moment you have. With each breath, these fleeting moments pass and yet there is always a new one waiting to be received. Take each moment in your heart and recognize the love that is present for you to embrace if you so choose. No matter the circumstance that may pass with the moment that has slipped away, you are given a new chance for rebirth with every inhalation you take. It is yours to grasp at any time, and when you realize that, you alone can determine the expression brought forth in these passing observations of life’s journey.

Take hold of the glory that is available and release the frets of the mind that can fill the innocence of time with false perceptions and distorted visions of reality. The truth is that reality is merely the illusion you choose to believe is transpiring. When you come to this awareness and make peace within your heart, you will find that all is allowed to flow from you as your heart’s desire wishes it to be.


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