Are you awake?

This is the question many are being posed with these days. When we live under a constant forced level of stress. We physiologically are forced back into our instinctive survival patterns of reactive thinking. It’s time to wake up to this awareness and seek to find peace within. As you do so, you will regain your power of conscious awareness and leave fear behind for the expression of love.


Comments on: "Are you awake?" (2)

  1. Yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ve found that my resistance to unwanted experiences generates stress. Embracing all experiences brings me into my heart. For example, when I notice myself resisting something that feels “hard” I can say to myself, “I LOVE how easy this is!” The word “love” brings me out of my head and into my heart, and then from there, my focus in on ease, so that’s the experience I generate.

  2. Colleen Engel-Brown said:

    I always love to read you reflections. I sometimes think you are living in my head….
    LOL ……. Continue onward..upward… outward…. and inward. It’s all working
    and we’re benefiting…..

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