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A new beginning waits in every moment, what will you make of it?

Recognize each breath marks a moment of beginning and end that many seek. Recognize this gift to begin anew, to change course as your heart leads you & you will know the joy you seek can be found at any time, if you will just open yourself to receive. Start now to Love as you would be Loved, and you will be born again in the moment.


Have you changed your thinking?

So many find themselves now at a point of challenge. They face the choice of holding onto their old way of thinking or expanding their awareness to embrace a new vision of the world from the one they thought existed. We must recognize our thoughts are the foundation of our reality and to change the world it must start with our thoughts about it.

Can you feel it?

There is truly a healing going on. For some it comes as joy & release, for others it appears as turmoil & chaos, as they attempt to hold onto that which no longer serves them. It is from a fear of the unknown that springs forth this desire to hold on to old hurts and wounds…release & let the healing begin.

Can you find your inner peace?

Finding peace is a simple task but seems to come with great complexity born forth from our mind. The most difficult step for most is learning to surrender to the moment. When we can recognize that our turmoil and unrest is the manifestation of our resistance to the flow of life and balance, and we surrender into it, then inner peace is born and reflected to the world.

Do you take time to Love?

The fact is Love comes in so many forms & opportunities that Love is truly infinite. From the warm hug or caring smile, to the protective embrace of a nurturing mother, or the up lifting cheers of support from the crowds, Love truly abounds. Challenge yourself to make time in every moment to see the love and watch the world change and watch Love become timeless.

Do your beliefs serve you?

With so many religions and spiritual paths that exist, the question many ask is…”Which one is right?” The real question is not so much which is right, but which serves the highest good best. Belief systems are attempts to find common interpretations and should be hard and fast rules or lines in the sands. We all hold a piece of the rainbow of truth and only together can we see its beauty.

Do you celebrate your life?

Let’s face it, no matter what is happening you are truly a walking miracle, and everyday of your life should be celebrated. At any moment you can choose to share an experience of your being with another that will brighten their experience, from a simple smile to a word of encouragement…what a powerful gift to bring into being. Make it a glorious life of celebration!