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Can you open your heart to others?

Many of us are holding onto internal battles, struggling with ourselves on how to deal with or solve these problems. If we can learn to share these matters, we will soon learn we are not alone. Open your heart and discover the love and support that surrounds you.


Are you keeping the peace?

Science has now proven that we are all connected, in fact our hearts send out a magnetic field measurable out to 3 miles…but it is believed to go much further. This field carries the energy of what we hold within our hearts and affects all it contacts. So what you seek from the world you must hold within, let it be peace and love and world will return this to all.

Can you see the beauty?

Look around and you might catch a glance, but the real beauty lies within. Search you heart and you will find it. Release it for the world to see, and the whole of creation will reflect it back to you. We each hold a true beauty that is all our own but it must be shared if it is to be fully realized. It is one of your divine gifts to bring to the world so let the beauty shine forth.

Do you realize who you are?

When you can wake up realizing that you are exactly who you are supposed to be, then you can recognize where you are and where you would like to go in your life. Until you accept where you are now, you can’t create a plan to get to your destination or become what you wish to become next. Trust in yourself and each day will bring you what you need.

Can you see the perfection in all things?

When we come to realize that what we see in the world is the reflection of what we hold within and that all is part of divine creation, then you will see the perfection that surrounds you. Even in the darkness resides the perfect moment for Light to shine through. So embrace both the darkness and the light with love and you will find wholeness.

Can you find the balance point?

Many are seeking the return to Light. Yet in order to fulfill our purpose here, we must seek the blending of the dawn with the night. We all come from the union of pure light with the void. We have been given the gift of discovering the rainbow of life that lies in the balance. We must embrace our differences in order to see the light again.

Do you have a clear vision?

Many are calling for and even praying for things to change, yet they do not have a clear picture of what they wish manifest in place of what they currently have. Hold forth a clear image of the peace and prosperity you seek and allow your heart to form it for the good of all…this or something greater.  To seek the abundance that exists around you is the course our lives were meant to take, for we are truly provided with the materials to bring forth all that we need. It is a feat that can be accomplished by all if we will act from Love and not greed and allow our hearts to guide us even in our creativity and ambitions…