Old patterns are playing them selves out now. Embrace and recognize them for they provide the opportunity to finally make a better choice. See your part in all that plays out around you, trust your inner voice to bring you to peace as you step out of the pattern rather than try to change world around you…if you don’t like the game then stop playing it.


Rejoice in each moment

It is a time to embrace your true being and to rejoice in the wonder that surrounds you. Many that are seeking the transformation still remain sealed in their own doubts. Break free of these bonds of doubt and find your heart bathed in the glory that it was created to share. Recognize the resistance that you still mount and become one with it. Seek the answer within for the peace to be made with yourselves and then relinquish the fear that holds you back.

Your time to connect with one another is here now and should be sought in every moment. Do not fear what others will inject upon you but rather be free with your love and compassion. Find the mirror of perspective to fully embrace their path’s view and remain open for their arrival to this place. It is not a battle to be won or a resistance that must be mounted but rather an acceptance that the choice is before each one of us. Know also, we will all choose according to the path that best serves our needs and the level of awareness we are willing to embrace.

Keep reaching out and shining the light. Do not fret those that will not listen or open their eyes to the new dawn, the sun will still rise, of that you can be sure. Keep basking in the glory and embracing each new heart that opens to the light within.

The pressures of the mind may be mounting but seek the movements that promote peace of the physical state and the energizing force of life’s wind as it enters your vessel to share this gift. Be joyous now and see that every moment is worthy of celebration. Seek this recognition and be grateful in all that is available to you.

1.) My reality is a vision of creating a life worth celebrating each and every moment.

2.) I create the space to help others to create the vision of a life worth celebrating each and every moment.

3.) I am thankful for the miracle of breath in each day.

4.) I rejoice and celebrate in the simple acts of kindness.

5.) I thrive and I am powerful in my life.

6.) Reality is truly only what I make of it.

7.) I am an artist that has been given a blank canvas called life, and my canvas is an evolving mosaic of joy and wonder.

8.) I strive to make a difference and bring joy to all that I do.

9.) I am destined to be the co-creator of the masterpiece of my life.

10.) I seek within that which I desire to find without.

11.) All flows freely to my awareness in accordance with my ability and desire to allow it.

12.) I am unfolding spiritually and I reach out with an open mind and heart.


To realize we are the creators of our own destiny is a powerful step in our conscious awareness. Many will try to argue this point and convince you this is not the case; that you are traveling down a road of self-delusion. However, hold this truth in your heart and know this, more people are coming back to this realization every day. This line of thought was once known more widely and accepted in homes and communities, but at some point the belief in our separation took hold, and we lost our way. We forgot our birth right; our inner power to call forth from the ethers that which manifests all of creation.

We are now at a point in our journey when it is time to remember; time to awaken to the realization of our true nature. Each one of us was made in the likeness of god, each one of us beings is an individualized expression of the whole from which we came. Embrace this truth and allow the rebirth of your true being to take place. The alignment of your being with the belief of your connection with all of creation is the moment that is now dawning.

Reach out with your heart and know you are a child of god and in so being you are god yourself.

Grab hold of your gifts.

Find it within your heart now to make that final release. It is not one of loss, but the last step toward the freedom of your soul from the bonds of illusion. You all are divinely gifted to call forth now the power of Love and Harmony.

Do not hold on to the fears of old or the doubts of others, but rather embrace the new. It is the simple act of opening to possibilities, and your imagination is the key. It requires only a Loving heart as it guide. For too long the fears of the ego’s insecurity and persistence to hold in place the illusion of separation has created the mind’s images of despair. It is now time to free the force of your creative joy; the ability to bring forth heaven here and now.

Grab hold of these gifts and stop searching for grander ways. The answer is truly in the simplicity of sharing from the heart and the willingness to let go of old beliefs and thinking; reaching out for happiness knowing it is only as far away as you choose to hold it.

Take this with you as you journey forth and share it through your smile, your words, and your devotion to Loving yourself first and allowing it to flow from your hearts to all creation.


Cherish this moment.

This moment is one to cherish, for it is the only moment you have. With each breath, these fleeting moments pass and yet there is always a new one waiting to be received. Take each moment in your heart and recognize the love that is present for you to embrace if you so choose. No matter the circumstance that may pass with the moment that has slipped away, you are given a new chance for rebirth with every inhalation you take. It is yours to grasp at any time, and when you realize that, you alone can determine the expression brought forth in these passing observations of life’s journey.

Take hold of the glory that is available and release the frets of the mind that can fill the innocence of time with false perceptions and distorted visions of reality. The truth is that reality is merely the illusion you choose to believe is transpiring. When you come to this awareness and make peace within your heart, you will find that all is allowed to flow from you as your heart’s desire wishes it to be.

Are you awake?

This is the question many are being posed with these days. When we live under a constant forced level of stress. We physiologically are forced back into our instinctive survival patterns of reactive thinking. It’s time to wake up to this awareness and seek to find peace within. As you do so, you will regain your power of conscious awareness and leave fear behind for the expression of love.